Yes, absolutely! However, there are a few important things to keep in mind when doing so.

Setting the right price can mean the difference between getting a steady flow of bookings or none at all. You might have the top-secret scoop on why guests would be willing to pay more, or less, than our suggested rates, and we want to give the freedom to have control over each listing. That’s why we give everyone the ability to set their own rates. For example, if a dock is near a popular destination and the nearby docks usually fill up fast, charging a little more might be reasonable. If the docks don’t always fill up and the area requires guests to walk a little farther to get to their destination, it may be advisable to make rates lower.

If we notice that a price is set far above the market in your neighborhood and reservations aren’t being made, we may reach out and offer some guidance to help with earning potential.

Setting the right price is very important. The right price can mean the difference between getting tons of booking or none at all. Consider the average marina rates in your area and set a competitive price. Also consider your location and amenities and price accordingly.

The amount of income that can be earned from a listing will vary depending on location, availability and number of docks. Some hosts who are very close to high demand areas earn more than less attractions nearby. No matter what, it’s always more than an empty dock would make!

Any bookings made within 24 hours of docking will result in an immediate charge. If a booking has been made over 24 hours before docking, payment will be held until the 24 hour mark.

After creating a listing, there is an option for a payout method. Choices include options such as a Venmo account or a personal bank account, whichever is preferred. Go to your profile to add, update, or change any payout methods.

Bookings can be changed or cancelled under “My Bookings.”

Once payment has been made (this occurs 24 hours before the reservation time), modifications can no longer be made to the dates or payment amount. If a longer stay is needed, submitting a new booking request is permitted. If the stay is going to be shorter than expected or the dates have changed, please cancel the current reservation and submit a new booking request for the altered dates.

You will need to place a new booking to stay longer.

Dockshare will not be held responsible for any personal watercrafts. Dockshare does not provide insurance of any kind. Please speak with your insurance provider directly to determine what your insurance would cover in case of incident.

Dockshare will not be held responsible for any personal docks. Dockshare recommends speaking with your homeowners insurance or any other appropriate authority to determine if you will be covered in case of an incident. You could also check with local marinas to see how they handle insurance cases. As another option, you could create a general waiver and liability form that guests must sign once they arrive. In all cases, it is best to speak to an expert as each listings scenario may be different.

In order to make a dock inactive, go to “My Docks” and edit the availability for your dock.

Please keep in mind that if you are changing dock availability you are still expected to honor any future bookings that have already been booked.